Pastoral Staff

Our pastoral team is committed to serving you, your family and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. We are a church committed to the Great Commission locally and around the world. Get to know our team below and we look forward to meeting you in person at one of our upcoming services. 


Senior Pastor Mike Stratton

Pastor Mike Stratton serves as an Associate Pastor. He has been a student of the word of God since 1978 and has served in numerous capacities at the Bread Of Life Church since 1985. Pastor Mike currently oversees a number of ministries including the Music Ministry, the Sound and Light Ministry, the Dance Ministry, the Drama Ministry, and Events. Pastor Mike has a gift for teaching and passionately shares God’s Word.  He is a graduate of Clarkson College of technology with a BS in chemistry and is ordained through the Bread of Life Church.


Emeritus Pastor Lucy Schipani

As of January 27, 2019, Pastor Lucy has refocused her life on an expanded  calling from God.  She will now represent the Emeritus Pastor the Bread of Life  Church.  We look forwarded to what God is doing in her life. 

The power of the Living God is found in both the ministry and testimony of Pastor Lucia Schipani. For as much as Our Lord has touched her personal life, His healing and love has become magnified through the anointing He has placed in her hands. 

Pastor Lucy is a walking witness to the healing power of God which has raised her from a dying, low self-esteemed person to a bold vessel for Jesus Christ. Her motivation is an over-powering compassion for the lost; her expression of this love is love for all. Pastor Lucy lives her life ministering Word Counsel to anyone in need - as she surrenders unto the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit manifest mightily. 

To be touched by Pastor Lucy's ministry is a touch from God. The love she has for people becomes personal to all she meets. 


Associate Pastor Frank Montileone

Pastor Frank Montileone serves as Associate Pastor of the Bread of Life Church. Pastor Frank is dedicated to teaching the accuracy of the Word of God so others may come to know His ways and walk in the liberty to which they have been called. Pastor Frank's teacher is the Holy Spirit, where lives are touched by God and needs met in the glory of His Presence. 


Associate Pastor/Evangelistic Mark Robshaw

Pastor Mark Robshaw is married to Pastor Donna.  He has a 28-year-old Daughter, a 27-year-old son, and a nine-year-old daughter. He is ordained through Redemption Ministries, which is in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Pastor Mark attended Equipping the Saints School of Ministry and also holds a degree in Business Administration from Bryant and Stratton College. Pastor Mark and his family have successfully planted churches in Chesapeake, Virginia and South Hill, Virginia. He has been on missionary trips to Jamaica and Mexico, and recently has led missionary teams to Kenya, Africa. Pastor Mark also has held numerous healing crusades and revivals in both the United States and in Africa. Although he has a great passion for evangelism and outreach, Pastor Mark is most importantly a servant and follower of Jesus Christ. 


Associate Pastor/Spiritual Counselor  Nancy Matesic

Nancy Matesic has been a minister of the gospel for over 25 years. At a young age Nancy was keenly aware of brokeness and suffering in the world around her and in her own life. In an attempt to make a difference, Nancy earned a bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Buffalo. For close to 30 years Nancy has worked in varying capacities in Human Services, such as working with teenage runaways, with the deferred sentencing program, the homeless, people with developmental disabilities and with Erie County Adult Protection services. In 1980 Nancy met Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior in a powerful way. Shortly thereafter she received an emotional healing that several years of counseling from well meaning professionals was unable to achieve. Nancy also received a physical healing and realized that Jesus Christ is the true Healer! Nancy and her family joined Bread of Life Church family in 1984. She was ordained in 1993 and is a teacher of the word of God, preaches and ministers the power of Jesus Christ to heal, transform and deliver the broken hearted. She is currently a part of the pastoral staff at the Bread of Life where she assists in spiritual guidance and counseling. She and her husband also are head of the marriage ministry. Nancy has been involved with Jeri Barricks Ministries since its inception where she and her husband serve as board members. In the 1990’s Nancy also was co-producer of the “Dear Jeri” Christian radio program. Nancy is married with three adult children and one grandson.