T-Shirts for Troops

Since 1981, GTM Inc. has travelled the globe, empowering people to find faith in Christ. This has been done through music and mentoring. Over the years, they have planted 50+ churches and given out 430,000 Bibles in 13 languages. The team has completed over 134 mission trips. 

Maranatha Christian Fellowship

Maranatha Christian Fellowship in the Philipines is called to worship God intensely, intimately, excellently and extravagantly; to be a spiritual family in covenant community, used by God to equip the Church and train leaders that we might have a part in proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit to our generation. 

National Center for Life and Liberty

This non-profit legal ministry - NCLL- serves to protect and defend the Bible-based valued upon which our nation was founded. NCLL will endeavor to protect and defend these important foundational areas that support our freedoms: Life Values, Constitutional Values, Church Liberty, Christian Education, and Homeschool Education. 

Savant, Inc. is a ministry to awaken, inspire and mobilize emerging and established women leaders into Spirit powered mission for Christ.  To reach out to leaders and help them secure wholeness, find their gifting, and ‘go’ empowered to serve in mission with those gifts.


Savant, Inc.

Set Free Buffalo fosters the life-giving cultural transformation of our city by renewing hope and vision for our leaders through spiritual unity and authentic relationships. 

Set Free Buffalo

TCT is committed to broadcasting the message of faith by offering inspiring programming in the faith-based community that speaks to all ages. 

Total Christian Television

YWAP helps inner-city young people stay alive, in-school and out of jail by helping them build their way out of poverty and violence.

Youth with a purpose (YWAP)